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The 2004 RWB in Columbus, OH

Alright everyone, just a tad over 3 months until the 2004 RWB in Columbus, OH, and I must say that hotel reservations are almost all taken, especially considering that it's also on an OSU football game weekend.

After the past few years' evolution of the event have created a better, more friendly and definitely more educated environment, this year's event looks to be very well the best ever. Currently, there are many authors and teachers confirmed for the event. Confirmed authors include:

Dr. Raymond Buckland
A.J. Drew
Carl McColman
Dorothy Morrison
Taylor Ellwood (teriel
M.R. Sellars

and a few more.

There are also many unpublished teachers and a wonderful array of events planned for the weekend, including rituals, feasts, and another author roasting this year as Dr. Buckland will be the roastmeister for M.R. Sellars. You definitely do not want to miss this event!

Tickets are still on sale on the internet and directly at Salem West. For more information please visit the Real Witches Ballsite or call Salem West at 614-421-7557 or visit them at 1209 North High St in Columbus (on the corner of 5th and High in the Short North). Presale tickets are currently at $60 for the 3 day event. It is being held at The Renaissance, formerly the Adam's Mark in downtown Columbus, OH. For hotel reservations and room information please call them directly at 614-228-5050. Make certain you ask about the RWB room rates. As stated previously, they are really filling up so it is in your best interests to make it soon!

I know I speak for all of Pagan Nation when I say we look forward to seeing you there!

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