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New girl's introduction

Hello to all. I thought I'd introduce myself since I have been reading through. I first got involved in paganism/wicca/witchcraft/what have you at a young age because my mom was very into research into such things and the occult, and my grandmother came to the USA from a little town in Poland where paganism was still around & combined with Catholicism, so there were many little spells and ideas introduced to me at an age where it was just considered normal. I've been out of practice for a while now though. I suffer from major depression, anxiety, and panic disorder, and now that I'm getting treatment and up out of bed, I'm looking to get back into my spirituality.

If there are any parents out there with a child having nite-terrors, this was brought over from Poland by my grandma and used by her, my mom, and me and it works:

Have a dish of water and a candle ready. When the child begins the nite-terror, light the candle and drip the wax into the bowl. The wax will harden, you must concentrate on this, so that it will capture the negativity causing the nite-terror, and then smash the wax-chunk and bury it outside or throw it in running water (river, stream, etc.)
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